I finished my study Fine Arts at the ArtEZ Art Academy in Arnhem in 2011. I not only practice painting and drawing but also photography, film making, printing techniques and sculptural works, working with bronze and cast aluminum. In addition I learned some glass blowing techniques and working with ceramics. A wide range of techniques and I found merit in them all.

During that time my paintings/works became more wild, organic and expressive, often consisting of different materials, introducing rhythm and structures. Using splashings, drippings and introducing different kinds of sand in my work.

Black and white, these "non-colours" symbolize the universal forces for me, that's why they are so important in my work.

Sand, which I like to use, is of great significance: due to its low fertility, it stands for drought, dryness and its countless grains seem perhaps worthless. But because of its countless numbers it also stands for abundance, as well as eternity.

I move on the border between chaos and order, darkness and light, Yin and Yang - the forces that hold the universe in motion.

I hope to inspire people to take a step back and to get another perspective on being human, reflect on their thoughts and actions. Take time to truly see, to discover their own imperfect beauty.

Be proud of the struggles and the processes.

Ad curram et Cummunico

- to care is to share -

I really liked the idea of creating something beautiful which can only be experienced for a short period of time. Since creation is one part and destruction is another part of life.


2021 July/ August/September 


https://ijsselbiennale.nl/ Doesburg Loc17

Group exhibition

2020 November

Open Studio Weekend Armhem/ NL

Group exhibition

2017 December

Podium NUN Arnhem / NL

Solo exhibition

2016 August

Unexposed/Exposed   School de Ruiter Weurt /NL

Group exhibition

2016 April & March

Monas manet in se- Podium NUN Arnhem /NL

Solo exhibition

2013 October & November

PorcupineGallery  Popup Gallery Nijmegen /NL

Group exhibition

2013 November

De Nieuwe Gang monastery Beuningen /NL

Group exhibition

2013 January

De Wolven Willemeen Popodium Arnhem /NL

Group exhibition

2012 October & November 

Refound Footage ACEC  Apeldoorn / NL

Group exhibition

2012  October & November

6 Artists and 6 Boxes Atelier Vording te Ewijk /NL

Group exhibition

2012 April

Set design Popodium Jacobiberg Easterconcert Arnhem /NL

Solo works

2012 February

Mouseion Etalage derde Wal Nijmegen /NL

Group exhibition

2011 December

The Power of Spatie Culture Center Locatie Spatie Arnhem /NL

Group exhibition

2011 October

VERF- Paint Popupgallery Epix/Perron026 Arnhem /NL

Group exhibition

2011 September

Group exhibition

2011 September & October 

Twente Rijksmuseum Enschede /NL

Solo exhibition

2011 September 

Wijk voor Kunsten - Art for the Neighourhood Arnhem /NL

Group exhibition

2011 July

ArtEZ Finals Arnhem /NL


Group exhibition

2011 Juni

Amuse geule- Gallery de Bytensael Arnhem /NL

Group exhibition

2011 Mai

FUSE -de Waarmakerij Nijmegen /NL

Group exhibition

2010 Mai

8e Bi├źnnale Glasroute Lier Bavo Tibos Lier /BE

Group exhibition

2009 Mai- Juni

Geheime Gereedschappen in bronce -Secret tools in bronce Studio&Shop Babtist Arnhem /NL


Group exhibition

2009 April - Mai 

Diep! Spoorzicht WTC  Arnhem /NL

Group exhibition

2008 Mach

Isola mia- ArtEz Arnhem /NL

Group exhibition

2008 April 

WET PAINT! The old Danceaccademy Arnhem /NL

Group exhibition