paintings and drawings

in my works I paint in drawings and draw in Paintings, build reliefs and structures on the canvas paper or wood.   I use what comes to me and have fun with the different materials and qualities they bring with them.

My choice of colour is select,  using colour more in a symbolic present i love the blacks and the whites and the endless stream of symbolism time has engraved

in those two non- colours.

"i have no strings, i'm having fun. I'm not attached to anyone"

strings and puppets, sand and time.

don't we all play a roll in the drama of the endless universe ?

And we, as humans putting on quite a show out there.

order and chaos,

chaos and order

round and round it

goes, where it stops nobody knows.

The strings we preserve and those we cut become part of our

own play.

With that can come a shocking realization of being free and at

the  same time being responsible for our words and actions.


  "like sand through your fingers"

Because of its infertility, sand symbolizes barrenness, dryness and difficulty.

But on the other hand because of the immense number of grains it also becomes a symbol of worthlessness, abundance and infinity.