on the wallpaintings

on the wall paintings


set-design "achterdochtig"  2013   


temporary Set design studio Arnhem

Open a gap into my head, take a deep look, see what it took.

Inside the wave , flying so brave.

cutting old strings and see what it brings.


da vida ... 2012 Atelier Vording Ewijk


Set design "achterdochtig" concert jacobiberg 2012 Arnhem

Project  6 Artists/ 6 Cabinets

Six artists are each given a cardboard cabinet. No rules.

I decided to open up the cabinet and use both sides  to make 'Da vida'.

Big Mouths and small spineless sculptures are built into the fabric of the illusion. Speaking or babbling;

what is a word worth when there is no action that follows? What is a life without struggle?

Easter concert Jacobiberg Set design

This was commissioned by the dutch band 'Achterdochtig' . No Budget, no time.

As I was not allowed to paint  on the walls, I had to create something which I could remove easily after the show. 

I took what I could find and worked a week straight to create some magic.


Power of spatie  2011 Locatie SPatie Arnhem

the Power of spatie / internship of madness

This was a temporary work on site.

'The internship of Madness" deals with Realities and illusions, the stream of information and possibilities.